‘GO Gear’ For iOS Is A Live Map For Finding Pokemon Nearby


If you're still hunting for Pokemon in Pokemon GO, then we have a new app that will make things easier for you - GO Gear.

GO Gear Is The Ideal Companion For Pokemon GO - Will Ping You When A Pokemon Is Nearby

We have covered a bunch of apps and services before that aid in finding Pokemon nearby. But quite frankly, many apps on the App Store are somewhat of a scam rather than useful tools. Enter GO Gear, which flaunts bold claims when it comes to finding Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Why is that you might ask? Check out the description of the app itself down below:

This is NOT a scam like the other apps out there! IT REALLY WORKS!

Find the live and exact hidden location of EVERY Pokemon in Pokémon GO no matter where they are!

Get notifications when the Pokémon YOU want are nearby!

Use the inbuilt radar to scan nearby areas and gain super vision!

Unlike other map apps out there this app is FULLY populated and LIVE, you'll find all of the rarest monsters like Dragonite, Gyarados, Snorlax and maybe even Mewtwo!

GO Gear is a companion app designed to be used alongside the popular AR gaming app Pokemon GO any where any time!

It will give you directions straight to your Pokemon's location!

The description of the app is a load of self-praises if you're asking us. But the one thing which caught our attention immediately is the third pointer - getting notifications when a particular Pokemon is nearby. This means you don't have to keep Pokemon GO running on your smartphone just to hunt for a particular Pokemon. GO Gear will do everything for you. You just have to walk around and mind your own business. Isn't that how life should be for everyone?

Another thing which makes this app awesome is the fact that it allows you to blacklist or whitelist certain Pokemon, ensuring you are notified for what you need only. Furthermore, the app has the brilliant ability to show you for how long a particular Pokemon will be available in a spot. Pretty insane isn't it?

Where To Download GO Gear And Price

GO Gear is available to download directly from the iOS App Store and carries a price tag of just one dollar. But given the features the app offers, it's worth the investment.

You can download GO Gear from the link which we have posted below:

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