Firefox 58 Is Out for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android – Promises Even Better Performance

Firefox 58 to Improve User Privacy

Mozilla has released Firefox 58 today, continuing to deliver Project Quantum improvements. The new Firefox delivers multithreading in the page rendering, JavaScript Startup Bytecode Cache (JSBC) for improving startup time and Tracking Protection. Building upon the improvements delivered with Firefox 57 in November, today's release marks the first major release since November. However, it is a comparatively a smaller update as far as the UI is concerned.

Firefox 58: performance improvements via multithreading

With the launch of Firefox 58, the company said the browser will now use off-main-thread painting (OMTP) that relies on a dedicated CPU thread to provide fast and smooth page loading. Before this, Firefox would present web pages after identifying visible elements of the page, assigning them into different layers, and then rendering them into a set of pixels to load them. With Firefox 58, the browser will split the generation of pixels into two steps - generate the sequence of drawing commands and running those commands in the graphics engine.

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This second part that actually produces the pixels now gets a dedicated thread, resulting in speed boosts. This speed will be more noticeable on web pages that carry complex content as this new threading mechanism enables the browser to achieve a better frame rate "because more time is available to render before the next frame begins."

Today's changelog also mentions Tracking Protection that the browser has been offering in its Private Browsing mode for a long time now. "Users can enable Tracking Protection at all times," the company wrote. This mode actively blocks analytics trackers and ads, among other things. With Firefox 58, users can have this option enabled even in the normal browsing mode.

Here's the complete changelog shared by Mozilla:

With this release, we’re building on the great foundation provided by our all-new Firefox Quantum browser. We're optimizing the performance gains we released in 57 by improving the way we render graphics and cache JavaScript. We also made functional and privacy improvements to Firefox Screenshots. On Firefox for Android, we’ve added support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) so you can add websites to your home screen and use them like native apps.


  • Performance improvements, including:
  • Improvements to Firefox Screenshots:
    • Copy and paste screenshots directly to your clipboard
    • Firefox Screenshots now works in Private Browsing mode
  • Added Nepali (ne-NP) locale
  • In case you missed it—57 Release privacy and performance feature:
    Users can enable Tracking Protection at all times. Learn how to turn Tracking Protection on.


  • Fonts installed in non-standard directories will no longer appear blank for Linux users
  • Various security fixes


  • User profiles created in Firefox 58 (and in future releases) are not supported in previous versions of Firefox. Users who downgrade to a previous version should create a new profile for that version. Learn about alternatives to downgrading on our support site.
  • Added a warning to alert users and site owners of planned security changes to sites affected by the gradual distrust plan for the Symantec certificate authority

You can download Firefox 58 for PC and Android. The Android version also brings support for FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) playback, ability to change the status bar color in themes, and full screen bookmark management with folder support.

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