Airmail 3 For Mac Released – The Biggest Update To The App Yet [Changelog]

Airmail 3

Airmail 3 for Mac has been released and is immediately available for download. This is the biggest update yet for the app, and we have the complete changelog right here.

Airmail 3 Graces Features From Its iOS Counterpart, Improves Upon Many Different Areas

When it comes to third-party email apps on the Mac, we'll make it bold and obvious that Airmail sits on the top of our list when it comes to features. And since the Airmail app was released on iOS around four months back, the desktop version somewhat looked pale compared to it. But today, all of that changes as Airmail for Mac graces a lot of features that were once exclusive to the iOS app only, and to top things off, many existing features have been improved as well, enhancing the overall stability and usability of the Airmail for Mac app.

The complete changelog of the update is as follows:

New – Smart Folders

New – Vip

New – Vip notifications

New – Actions

New – Send Later (Gmail and Exchange)

New – Customizable Menu

New – Customizable Gestures

New – Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

New – Customizable Folders

New – Calendar integration (apply to new permissions)

New – Fuzzy Label, Move to

New – Online Search

New – Message Rendering Engine

New – Action Space Key to scroll

New – Action Unsubscribe

New – Rules Export/Import

New – iCloud Rules sync

New – iCloud VIP sync

New – iCloud Smart Folders sync

New – Forward messages in Rules

New – Sort Messages By Account

New – Recipients detected from previously sent messages

New – Integration Asana

New – Integration Trello

New – Gmail (Primary Inbox support)

New – Redesigned threads

New – Reply To Field

Improved – Sending with VPN (Gmail)

Improved – Quick Reply

Improved – Composer Attachments

Improved – Thread rendering

Improved – Respect Silent Notification

Improved – Starred on threads

Improved – GAL now support groups

Improved – Contacts

Fixed – Autocorrect on Subject

Fixed – Gmail multiple Login Windows

Fixed – Sporadic Half rendering Messages

Fixed – Links messages


As you can see from the list of changes above, there are more new features added in this release compared to those that have been improved. With additions such as Smart Folders, Customizable keyboard shortcuts and whatnot, users can rest assured that their email experience will stay top notch on the Mac as they move into the future.

Airmail 3 is an absolutely free update for Airmail 2 users. Simply launch the Mac App Store, click on the Updates tab and download Airmail 3 from there. And if you're planning to download Airmail 3 on your Mac for the first time, then it will set you back $9.99, while the iOS version will set you back $4.99.

You can download Airmail for Mac from here, and Airmail for iOS from here.

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