Download 16 inch MacBook Pro Stock Wallpaper for Any Device


Oh hey, you can now download the 16 inch MacBook Pro stock wallpaper for any device you may have, including iPhone, iPad, Android.

Give Your Phone, Tablet or Laptop a Fresh New Look with Apple's New 16 inch MacBook Pro Stock Wallpaper - Download Now

New wallpapers are always a nice thing. The new 16 inch MacBook Pro ships with one and it's a nice blend of auras and bold colors, showing off the large Retina display in the best possible way. But as usual, the notebook is not going to ship for at least a day or two to customers, and if you don't plan on buying it then you can download the 16 inch MacBook Pro stock wallpaper right now. Yes, we mean it. Right now, this very moment.

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The wallpaper comes in three sizes - one is optimized for the desktop with a resolution of 2560x1600, while the other two are optimized for the iPhone and iPad displays. But obviously, even if you have an Android phone or tablet, respectively, you can hang up these backdrops just fine and they'll look wonderful as ever. So, I highly recommend that you download the 16 inch MacBook Pro stock wallpaper for your device right now and see what the fuss is about.

Please select the wallpaper you want from below and then select 'Download' from the top left hand corner.

The new 16 inch MacBook Pro does not have an OLED display, but the wallpaper in question looks absolutely stunning on a device like the iPhone 11 Pro Max, thanks to its wonderful color reproduction. The Super Retina XDR display makes everything come to life especially when you pump up that brightness near the full level. Even on the 2018 iPad Pro things look nice and sassy. But of course, you may use the wallpaper with literally any device if your liking and see how it fares for you.

The 16 inch MacBook Pro is perhaps the best thing that has happened to the world of pro laptops in a long time. Rather than sticking with that garbage butterfly keyboard, Apple finally decided to switch over to the scissor mechanism that allows for more key travel, and of course, better durability. So basically this notebook won't give up the ghost if you bring it face to face with a bag of chips. Furthermore, the thermal cooling system has been vastly improved, and you can even configure the notebook with an 8-core i9 processor coupled with 64GB of RAM and 8TB SSD. You can actually spec it out way beyond your needs.

For now, if you don't plan on buying this new powerhouse from Apple, make sure to download the 16 inch MacBook Pro stock wallpaper. It's totally worth it and almost gives you the feeling that you've spent lots of money anyway.

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