Can I Downgrade watchOS 5 GM Back to watchOS 4 on Apple Watch?


In case you’re wondering whether or not you can downgrade watchOS 5 GM back to watchOS 4 on Apple Watch, we’ll try to answer that question.

Unlike iOS, macOS or tvOS, You Cannot Downgrade watchOS Updates on Apple Watch

It’s an age old question everyone tends to ask whenever a new watchOS update becomes available. In case you have the question in mind: can I downgrade watchOS 5 GM back to watchOS 4? We will answer it in the simplest manner possible.

watchOS 5.3.1, tvOS 12.4.1 and macOS 10.14.6 Supplemental Update Released

First and foremost, it’s important to know that watchOS updates are delivered over the air only. This means that there’s no special cable or a Lightning port on the Apple Watch available through which you can connect your device to your PC or Mac. This means that you cannot control how watchOS updates work at all. If you are running a beta version of the firmware, then you have to install every subsequent release until you’ve reached the final build, and watchOS 5 GM is no exception.

If you’re a developer or a daring individual who installed watchOS 5 GM on their Apple Watch and are having second thoughts regarding the move you’ve made, then you will be disappointed to learn that you can’t go back to watchOS 4 at all. You’ll have to stick with watchOS 5 for good.

I know this sounds a bit painful, but you have to digest the thought completely before you decide to move forward with what you’ve done. But in all honesty, watchOS 5 is a great upgrade for the Apple Watch. It packs in a great set of features including smarter Siri, automatic workout detection, Walkie-Talkie and more.

There is a possibility that watchOS 5 might not stack up well in terms of performance compared to watchOS 4, but eventually Apple is going to iron out all the bugs and make everything as snappy as possible, making your wearable feel like the way you got it on day one.

Also, if you’re worried about performance related issues a lot, you can always give your Apple Watch a factory reset, clearing up all your settings, allowing you to give yourself a fresh start. In the past, it has helped me out a lot and watchOS 5 shouldn’t be that different at all.

watchOS 5.3 Released with ECG Support for Canada and Singapore, Restores Walkie Talkie

Hope that helps, fellow readers.

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