Downgrade tvOS 11 to tvOS 10 / 10.2.2 – How-to Tutorial


You have the option to downgrade tvOS 11 final to tvOS 10 / 10.2.2 for a limited period of time on Apple TV. Here’s how it’s done.

Downgrade tvOS 11 Final Back to tvOS 10 / 10.2.2 if You Are Not Happy With Apple’s New Firmware for Apple TV

tvOS 11 is such a small update that you might not even notice it’s brand new if someone points out a certain few changes in the first place. It exists mainly to compliment the new Apple TV 4K, and brings forth new technologies and fixes that are necessary for the smooth functioning of the Apple TV. If, for some reason, you feel that you should go back to tvOS 10 / 10.2.2 then you have that luxury at hand as well. But for a limited period of time. Also, this can only be done on the Apple TV 4 since the Apple TV 4K is not compatible to work with tvOS 10.

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Downgrade tvOS 11 Final to tvOS 10 - Tutorial

Since this method involves restoring an IPSW file from iTunes therefore it will erase all your apps and settings from your Apple TV. Make sure you are vary of this fact before going ahead with the downgrade process.

1. Download the latest tvOS 10 firmware file that is currently signed by Apple. For those wondering, it’s tvOS 10.2.2 and you can download it from here. Save the IPSW file to your desktop for easy access later on.

2. Install iTunes ( and launch it.

3. Connect your Apple TV 4 to your PC or Mac using a USB-C cable and also make sure that the power cable is plugged in too.

4. As soon as your Apple TV is detected by iTunes, select it from the top left hand side.

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5. Click on the ‘Restore Apple TV’ button while pressing down the left Option key (Mac) or the left Shift key (Windows) and select the tvOS 10.2.2 firmware file you downloaded in step 1.

6. After a few minutes iTunes will inform you once the downgrade process is complete.

Please keep in mind that the downgrade iOS 11 process is only possible for a limited period of time. As soon as Apple stops signing tvOS 10.2.2, which it will in the near future, there’s no turning back from tvOS 11.

If you did downgrade back to tvOS 10, do let us know in the comments section why you did so.

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