Downgrade iOS 10.2 to iOS 10.1.1, iOS 10.1 – How to

Uzair Ghani
Downgrade iOS 10.2

Here's how you can downgrade iOS 10.2 to iOS 10.1.1 or iOS 10.1 running on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch using iTunes.

Downgrade iOS 10.2 Now if You Think You Made a Mistake Updating

There are a lot of reasons why one would one to downgrade iOS 10.2 back to iOS 10.1.1 or iOS 10.1. If you are hoping for a jailbreak to arrive any time soon, then sticking with iOS 10.2 would be a wise move to make. Why? Because iOS 10.2 patches a lot of vulnerabilities that make a jailbreak possible in the first place. Furthermore, there's a possibility iOS 10.2 feels slow on your device. Even then you might want to consider rolling back. Whatever the case might be, follow the steps outlined below in order to downgrade iOS 10.2 like a boss.

Downgrade iOS 10.2 Tutorial

Downgrading will erase everything off your device, therefore take an iCloud or iTunes backup before proceeding.

1. First and foremost download the firmware file you wish to downgrade to. If it's iOS 10.1, then head over to this link. If you want to roll back to iOS 10.1.1, then head over to this link. Make sure you download the correct IPSW file otherwise the downgrade process will fail.

2. Once the download is complete, save the file to your desktop and then launch iTunes.

3. Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to your PC or Mac using the supplied USB cable.

4. As soon as your device is detected by iTunes, it will appear in the top left hand corner. Click to select it.

5. Now click on the Restore iPhone button while holding down the left SHIFT key (Windows) or the left Option key (Mac).

6. Select the iOS 10.1.1 or iOS 10.1 firmware file you downloaded in step 1.

7. As soon as you select the firmware file, the downgrade process will kick off.

The downgrade process can take a while as the firmware file needs to be verified with Apple. But eventually you will end up on iOS 10.1 or iOS 10.1.1. Set up your device as new or restore an iTunes or iCloud backup if you so wish.

If you really don't want to be on iOS 10.2, then the time is now if you want to downgrade. There's no telling when Apple will stop signing iOS 10.1 or iOS 10.1.1, closing the downgrade window for good. Apple is absolutely unpredictable in this regard, so make your move now if you want to.

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