DOOM 3 Essential HD Pack Improves AI Upscaling, Reworks HD Textures, Adds Shadows, Packs High-Poly Community Models, More

doom 3 essential hd pack

A new DOOM 3 Essential HD Pack has been released, packing a collection of mods that includes high-polygon community models, improves AI upscaling, reworks HD texture, and more.

Created by modder ‘H3llBaron’, this mod package sort of remasters the id Software’s DOOM installment from 2004. Aside from the features mentioned above, the pack adds shadows for falling shells, weapons, and items. In addition, it fixes and adds shaders, includes HD fonts, and much more.

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Down below we’ve included the key features of this essential HD package alongside a couple of screenshots and a comparison video, showing the differences between the original version of the game and this remastered version.

Doom 3 Essential HD Pack Key Features

  • Included and fixed AI upscale pack by darklord34, merged with Monoxead and Wulfen textures;
  • Reworked several HD textures to properly match original ones;
  • Fixed bump mapping for marine armor;
  • Added shadows for falling shells and every weapon and item;
  • Fixed shaders and added bump and specular maps for many textures;
  • Restored light of projectiles of the Plasma gun;
  • Added Mcubemap reflections for paintings, blood and weapons;
  • Added new shaders from Sikkmod, fixed for new systems;
  • Fixed flipped UAC logo in Delta Labs Sector 1;
  • Fixed grate near main reactor in Delta Labs Sector 1;
  • Also fixed material for floating black square in Delta Labs Sector 2a level;
  • Fixed and enhanced a buggy wall corner in Site3 level;
  • Fixed a buggy corner in Alpha Labs Sector 4;
  • Also fixed roof shadows in Mars City 1, 2 and Delta Labs Sector 1;
  • Fixed material for cart wheels;
  • Added sounds for pistol and machinegun from Doom 3 Alpha;
  • Fixed broken AAS in Hellhole level;
  • Added map fixes for Erebus1-3 levels (RoE);
  • Included HD fonts and crosshair;
  • Included marine armor item for RoE and better arms by Arl;
  • Also included the best high poly models from D3 community;
  • Included autoexec to set automatically ultra graphic settings;
  • Compatible with DHEWM3. 

This HD package can be downloaded here.

DOOM 3 was released in 2004 for PC and Xbox 360. The game later also made its way onto PlayStation 3. DOOM fans will want to check out this Unreal Engine 5 'Remake' of DOOM 3 that was released earlier this month.

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