Don’t Worry About The PC Version Of Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Says Director of Community


Gears of War Ultimate Edition, a remaster of the original release, debuted on Xbox One in late August (you can read Jeff's thoughts in our detailed review).

However, the game was also confirmed at E3 2015 to be headed to PC within the year, bringing DX12/4K support and unlocked frame rate amongst other enhancements.

Despite this, we're close to the end of the year and there is no news, which prompted some discussions among the fans on the official forums. Director of Community Adam Fletcher stepped in to post a little update, saying that there is no cause for concern.

Hey guys -

We do not have any news to share at this time for the PC version. I know some are worried but please don't fret. We are wanting to make sure polish and performance are prioritized on the PC version so that you all have a great experience.

Once we have additional information, I can tell say you will be the first to know. I'm pretty stoked for the PC version myself as I am an avid PC gamer 🙂

It's always nice when developers make sure that their games are properly polished and optimized for PC, however this shouldn't be an issue for Gears of War Ultimate Edition since the game is pretty old at this point, even with the new makeup that comes with the remastered version.

At this point, a release in early 2016 seems very likely. How eager are you to play Gears of War Ultimate on PC? Let us know in the comments!