Does The Order: 1886 Really Holds The Fate of PS4 In 2015

The Order: 1886 was initially a 2014 release but was delayed to 2015 to give the game a remake in terms of graphics and gameplay and yes it did improve a lot in the extra year that the team had to make the game. The Order has had high anticipation and certainly nowadays it is very much at the top of the list, hence questions about the games success and the link of its success to the PS4 are being asked. Will the game live up to its expectations and anticipation? Will it fulfill the hype? Does it really hold the fate of the PS4 gaming in 2015 as acclaimed by some?

The Order: 1886 Will Either Be a Huge Hit or a Flop Bestseller

Well, the games hype is speaking for itself and the advertisement for the game online is very much successful as everyone talking about how The Order will fare. The game has had immense improvements in graphics as compared to last year and the gameplay looks quite smooth for now but it takes much more than that for a game to be successful nowadays when everything is so harshly judge by the masses in every minute detail.

The game came has caught the spotlight ever since it went Gold and the New trailer was release last month, after which it never looked back but the question here is, will it drive the fate of the PS4 in 2015? I think not. Many opinions will differ but the fact remains that this is just another AAA title showcased by the PS4 team among several others and one might be misguided to make the claim that it will hold the fate of the console during a year. Yes, it will have an impact on the sales if its a flop but be realistic, its just one game among several others. Lets assume 75 percent of the releases were to flop, then it could have been said that the game's' will have a huge impact on the PS4. But the fact remains that the games anticipation is soo high at this point that it will sell in big amounts the first week regardless of what reviews show up (the reliable ones take time to appear).

So, I don't think it right to rest the fate of a whole console year one one Big Title which has not even had a predecessor and the only anticipation build-up is due to the trailers, word of mouth and advertisements.

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