DNF Duel’s Latest Traier Showcases the Inquisitor

DNF Duel

DNF Duel looks to have ramped up its development process and rate of work. Only last week, the project’s developers have shown that the game indeed still exists, and showcased a brand-new trailer to go with it.

DNF Duel, for those not aware, is a brand-new project being worked on by Eighting Co, Arc System Works, and Neople, and will be published by Nexon. The game’s art style looks to be following the same trend as internal Arc System Works property Guilty Gear Strive, as well. No platforms for the game have been revealed just yet, nor has a release date; just that it indeed exists.

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This brings us to today. Over the course of the past few days, two new characters were revealed from the teams working on DNF Duel; the Berserker, whom you can see here, and the Inquisitor, with a brand-new trailer that you can see below.

Right away, the trailer gives away one of The Inquisitor’s biggest traits; having very far-reaching attacks. Part of their gameplay also looks to revolve around spells that get triggered later, leading to completely new attacks or attributes.

The name of the game with the Inquisitor is "Set enemies on fire". One such case has them making a large pit of fire that enchants her ax attacks. The Inquisitor's kit seems to be heavily revolved around enhancing her attacks through fire. How many of these attacks The Inquisitor has is yet to be seen, as their full move list probably wasn’t shown.

The Inquisitor is the fourth character to be revealed to be coming to DNF Duel and there probably will be tons more to follow. This aggressive trailer reveal scheme may work out for the benefit of the game, as it could maintain traction and subsequent attention.

If you wish to follow the game for additional updates and information, you can do so by following the game’s respective Facebook and Twitter pages. DNF Duel’s release date is currently to be announced, with no preorders available at the moment.

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