The Division PC Screenshots Show Very Detailed Shadows & Characters; AA Great In Motion


The Division PC screenshots have surfaced online, and the uncompressed visuals show detailed clothing and shadows.

The screenshots were first posted on the Guru3d forums by user Party Poison, and were then published on the The Division subreddit as well.

According to Party Poison, all settings were on Max settings. The game allegedly showed some odd FPS drops, and pretty high VRAM usage. Party Poison added that the game's doesn't look as good as it did when the game was shown off at the E3.

It is clear that trees and objects cast very detailed shadows. And when character is close to camera, clothing is very detailed. AA is applied too, tho it is deformed on places due to image compression. There are some great screenshot showing good graphics and then there are:

Game looks much better than in those screens. Much sharper and the aa does a great job in motion.

The Division PC Screenshots; AA Does great

Party Poison had some more to share regarding the posted screenshots:

We did some tests with the area with lots of players, It wasn't the players causing the fps drop like it does in an mmo in crowded areas.

But it was that specific area, even when alone fps would still tank.

Its odd as sometimes outdoors it can be 100fps and then you'll turn a corner and it will drop. Many settings to be changed though, I think a small patch could fix it

Quick Edit, Game looks much better than in those screens. Much sharper and the aa does a great job in motion.

His favorite effect is the Wind Affected snow, which looks gorgeous:

My two favourite features are the wind affected snow, Which looks gorgeous.

And the fact that the game reads my G910 and has effects for the game. The F keys are green for none hostile areas, red for hostile.

The R key will flash faster depending on how low the current weapons ammo is etc.

Really nice touch.

The FLICKR gallery of the screenshots can be viewed here as well. Last week we reported the visual settings for the The Division on PC.

The Division is set for a release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on March 8, 2016. A beta is scheduled for January 28 on Xbox One. The beta will release on January 29 for PC and PS4.