Disable Apps From Using Cellular Data On iPhone – How To


Here's how you can disable apps from using cellular data on iPhone. Once done, you'll be able to cut down a lot when it comes to data cost.

Cellular Data

Given the current state of the smartphone, we tend to use a lot of apps on the go, while some choose to go against the idea, citing different reasons for their choice. And then there are users who want to use apps, but only when the need arises, with said users keeping their cellular data off to conserve as much as possible on the cost front. Quite frankly, not every user has to do such a thing, and there are other ways you can save up on data. For instance, you can disable certain apps from accessing cellular data, and they'll only work once you're connected to a WiFi network. Sounds neat doesn't it? We'll show you how you can do it on your iPhone.

Disable Apps From Using Cellular Data On iPhone

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Look for an entry labelled 'Cellular' and tap on it.

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3. Now scroll down a little till you see a 'Use cellular data for:' section.

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Over here you'll be presented with all the apps that have access to your cellular data, and right next to those apps is a toggle switch. At the ON position, those apps will update and refresh themselves whenever you're using cellular data. At the OFF position, they'll only work once you're connected to a WiFi network. Simply move the toggle switch to the OFF position for all the apps which you think shouldn't be using cellular data.

With a handful of apps disabled from using cellular data, you can actually cut down a lot when it comes to data cost. Alternatively, you can also disable apps from refreshing in the background as well, which will save battery life and also save you from piling up a huge cellular bill. Navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn the feature to the OFF position.

Users should also keep one thing in mind: cellular data, if enabled, will use up a significant amount of battery life, hence those users who care for battery more than stacking up a huge cellular bill should opt for turning off the feature altogether rather than disabling apps from using cellular data.

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