DiRT 5 Dev: Lots of Buzz on PS5’s Adaptive Triggers, They Could Have Really Exciting Implementations

Alessio Palumbo
PlayStation DualSense

As part of our fresh DiRT 5 interview with Codemasters, we learned the developer's opinion on the next-gen hardware. Development Director Robert Karp noted that the game will take advantage of 'fast loading' and expressed excitement for the potential of the PS5 controller's adaptive triggers, especially in racing games.

So when we get knowledge, hardware, and details, about next-gen, there's always a lot of excitement in the studio. This leads to a lot of creative juices flowing, a lot of discussion as to how we can best take advantage of different features.

What we've done is to make a game that's quality on the current generation of consoles. Then we look at where we can take advantage of the next generation of consoles. The power allows for the 120 framerate option [on Xbox Series X]. We want to take advantage of fast loading.

On the PS5, for example, you have the adaptive triggers that could have some really interesting implementations - particularly for racing. There's a lot of excitement and buzz about it.

You will get different feedback based on different surfaces, we have a lot of different surface types. The haptic feedback gives us the opportunity to do something new and different, help to increase the immersion and feeling.

Regarding the aforementioned 120fps confirmed for DiRT 5 on Xbox Series X, Karp was asked whether that would happen on PS5 as well, but he could neither confirm nor deny.

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It's really important for us to work closely with first-party platform holders and have a good relationship with them. We don't want to talk about anything until they're ready to talk about things. As the campaign goes on, both for the PS5 and DiRT 5, you'll hear more updates from both of us on those things.

It's also unclear whether DiRT 5 will support ray tracing on PC and next-gen consoles. However, Karp's reply didn't really close to the possibility.

Everybody's excited about ray tracing. Visually, it's a real impactful thing but we haven't got anything to say about ray tracing at this time.

DiRT 5 is out on October 9th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The next-gen release is yet to be confirmed, while Google Stadia fans will have to wait for next year.

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