DF Advises Fortnite Rather than PUBG on XB1X/XB1 for a Battle Royale Experience Following Analysis


Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry has tested PUBG on both Xbox One X and standard Xbox One and concludes that the game is simply horrendous in its current state on both systems.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, or PUBG for short, was released for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Preview program yesterday, and Digital Foundry put the world’s biggest game in the world to the test. The average performance hovers around the 20FPS threshold on both Xbox One X and original Xbox One.

PUBG Xbox One X Graphical Options Patch Being Finalized; Expected on the Game’s Test Server Soon

“In terms of first impressions, PUBG is borderline horrendous - an assault of low quality artwork, jarring pop-in and disappointing performance”, Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter writes. “Input lag also feels off - whether that's down to deadzone issues on the analog sticks or the variable frame-rate remains to be seen (it's something we're looking into) and in this respect at least, it's the same story whether you're gaming on a standard Xbox One or the X.”

You can check out the full analysis down below.

Digital Foundry concludes that they expected more from the console version of PUBG, especially considering Microsoft’s direct involvement, and even advises Epic’s Fortnite for a Battle Royale Experience without the technical flaws. "But with Microsoft directly involved and with the quality of the talent deployed on the title, we expected more. Just a consistent frame-rate would prove transformative for the quality of the experience. We'll be tracking the progress of this title as it evolves, but for now, we'd consider caution before any purchase - and if you want a taste of the Battle Royale experience without the technical drawbacks, Epic Games' Fortnite is well worth a look."

Interestingly, it was recently discovered that PUBG on Xbox One even includes a graphics settings menu that's accessible by connecting a USB keyboard device to the console. You can read more about that here.