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Making Devil May Cry 5 Nero’s Controls Familiar Was “One Of The Goals”; Auto-Assist, Dante’s Motorcycle Discussed


Devil May Cry 5 has finally made its gameplay debut this week at Gamescom 2018, and director Hideaki Itsuno is also present at the event to talk about the highly-anticipated game.

In a fresh interview with Japanese website 4Gamer, Hideaki Itsuno has been asked about Nero's controls, which feel very close to his controls in Devil May Cry 4. Making things as familiar as they are was one of the team's goals, and adjustments were being made until recently, so it properly wasn't too simple to recreate this familiar feeling.

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Itsuno has also been asked about Dante's motorcycle, which will be one of his weapons. Itsuno said that he decided to show this weapon in particular as he was told that it would resonate best with people in the West. He loves weapons that change, and this time the team designed one that would retain its mass when changing shape, unlike Pandora in Devil My Cry 4.

Additionally, Itsuno also revealed some new details on the Devil May Cry 5 auto-assist feature. Unlike previous entries, the feature can be switched on and off on the fly, and even when active, player's inputs will always have priority, allowing players to practice on the fly combos done with auto-assist on.

Devil May Cry 5 launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 8th.