Deus Ex Human Revolution trailer shows Social and Hacking abilities

Deus Ex Human Revolution is releasing near the end of this month, after many years of waiting fans of the famous RPGFPS can finally play what is going to be one of the finest in its genre this year. Deus Ex Human Revolution is absolutely stunning and offers great gameplay but now a new trailer has arrived which shows what other abilities Adam Jensen possess towards achieving his objectives from a Pacifists point of view, with the use of Social and Hacking abilities you can avoid casualties and help avoid undesirable outcomes.

Adam Jensen can be what ever you want him to be; you can turn him into a cybernetic Rambo, a ninja hiding in the shadows or even a little bit of both but did you know that through the use of Augmentations Adam Jensen can also be a smooth talker and a hacker? He can talk his way out of sticky situations where a persons life could be at stake or he can hack sentry to do the killing for him. While Social skills help make new allies and save lives hacking can also have other applications such as finding more about the world around you and what's happening giving you a deeper feel of what the world of the future is like where nearly every human is no longer human and this is precisely what gives the game its advantage over most FPSRPG games, the story of Deus Ex is one of intrigue and mystery and once you find out about something NOT related to the main story line you will definitely want to find out more about it by finding hidden E-Mails, Newspapers, Logs and E-Books.

The game is set for August 23rd on the PC / PS3 and XBOX 360 so be sure to grab your copy of the game when it releases especially if you are a fan of FPS and RPG's.

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