Deus Ex: Human Revolution, 8 minutes of gameplay shown

Mar 19, 2011

Dues Ex is without a doubt a classic game, with the first game making it's appearance in the 90's and with Dues Ex 2 following later on the game has reserved the title for the most oldest versatile FPS ever made, more popularly known as an RPGFPS rather than a standard FPS like say CoD or such because the game is not very linear, there are a variety of ways to do things. You can go in guns blazing or you can take the silent ninja way through the level.

Like the first game you are presented with choices to side with factions and do good / evil deeds either of which will lead to an ending you desire.

Dues Ex 2 was a disappointment to the fans everywhere and didn't live up to their expectations but so far this game looks very promising, Here's hoping that fans will not be disappointed after years of waiting patiently.