Deus Ex Human Revolution to be region locked on PC

Rizwan Anwer

Region Locked games are fairly common on the XBOX 360 but now Square Enix has decided to make Deus Ex Human Revolution region locked too, what does this mean for you? If you live in the US and you buy the game from an EU website and try to register the key, it won't work this probably applies to both the physical and the digital copies of the game.

With the release of Deus Ex Human Revolution coming closer this has come as a surprise to fans of the game, If you are in on of those countries where Deus Ex may not be easily available to you physically or digitally and you are planning on buying it from say Amazon or any other site then you are in for quite a surprise, Square Enix has just confirmed that the game will be region locked on the PC, what this means is US Keys will only work with US residents, EU Keys will work with EU residents and so forth.

While the game language can still be changed I don't see whats the point of making a game region locked on the PC of all things.

Here is a full extract from the source:

The PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is region-locked.
Please be sure to purchase a copy from your own region, otherwise you might not be able to register the game.
If you should not be able to register your copy due to a region conflict, please return the game to your retailer. Square Enix cannot offer assistance in replacing incompatible registration codes.

For information on how to change the game language, see the following article:

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