Destiny 2 To Feature Over 80 Missions And PvE Activities At Launch; Changes From The Beta Detailed

Francesco De Meo
Destiny 2

Destiny 2, the second entry in the series developed by Bungie, is now very close to release, and additional details on the game have been coming in frequently. Some of these details have been revealed in the latest issue of a popular magazine.

In the latest issue of EDGE magazine, it's been revealed that Destiny 2 will be packed with content at launch, with over 80 missions and PvE activities. At one point, the team even realized they had more content than progression, which has been fixed, so the game shouldn't suffer from the same issues that plagued the original Destiny at launch.

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More details on some changes from the beta have been revealed. You can check out a summary of what has been detailed right below, courtesy of Reddit user kapowaz.

  • 'The beta did not contain the final implementation of how Energy weapons work against AI combatants with elemental shields; when the shield is depleted, it explodes, nuking any enemies that happen to be nearby'
  • Nightfall strikes now have a time limit (varying by Strike; one example was 13 minutes) so efficiency and settling on a strategy beforehand will be important
  • There are over 80 missions and (PVE) activities, and each is substantial in length, challenge, story and reward
  • There's so much new content that at one point in development they realised they had more content than progression (something they've subsequently fixed)

There were apparently a few other things revealed to the Edge team visiting Bungie but that they were asked not to reveal; one involves the Hunter class and left the reviewers happy that the class will shape up well. Supers and grenades were also mentioned, and whilst they recharge faster than the beta, it seems we'll be encouraged to recharge them more quickly through aggressive play: an example given was a Warlock exotic chest that lets you hover in the air (sounding a little like Empyrrean Bellicose) where kills whilst hovering will quickly recharge your grenade.

Overall, the impression of the campaign sounds very good - lots to do, and a lot more to find. Sounds very encouraging!

Destiny 2 launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next month. The PC version will launch in October.

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