Destiny 2 Will Have Better Super Regeneration at Launch, But No HDR Support

Destiny 2

Answering a bunch of IGN's community questions on Destiny 2, Bungie revealed some of the changes that the developers are working on for the final game.

One in particular addresses a recurring complaint during the recent console beta: Super abilities will regenerate faster when Destiny 2 launches.

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By the time beta was live, the team had already been playing a pretty different version of the PvE tuning from our couches (grenades are more powerful, kinetic/energy weapon damage improvements, power ammo economy refactor). We’ve also made tons and tons (and tons) of changes of varying sizes that is a function of closing down a video game (we’re almost done!). In the wake of the beta, we’ve made a few changes that will increase Super Regeneration across the game.

Many had been wondering whether Destiny 2 would support High Dynamic Range displays given that the developers hadn't talked about that yet. However, they finally clarified that while it won't be available at launch, they're planning to add it at a later date.

As you can see in the Destiny 2 Beta, the PS4 Pro is already supporting dynamic 4K resolution. The Xbox One X ships after Destiny 2, so we don’t have any announcements for how we’re supporting it right now but it is something we are interested in. In terms of HDR, we won’t support HDR at D2 console launch. We’re really excited about the feature (I own an HDR TV and want it badly too!) and very much want to see it arrive sometime post-launch. But I can’t promise a date today.

Destiny 2 will release on September 6th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC gamers will have to wait October 24th to play the full game, though they'll get a taste of it when the beta becomes available on August 28th if you pre-order the game on or August 29th for everyone.

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