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There are a lot of options when you head over to any ecommerce site to buy gifts or purchase products for yourself on holiday discounts. The luxury of having so many choices also ends up giving us anxiety over what to choose, what to trust, and what should better be left ignored. To help our readers this holiday season and to hopefully turn down that stress level a bit, we tried products from several accessory makers to help us better recommend (some of) them to our readers.

In a first of such pieces, we shared about some affordable audio products that make perfect gifts for teenagers. Today's piece focuses on Mujjo, a Dutch designer label that focuses more on aesthetics than affordability. However, thanks to an exclusive code, Mujjo is offering its products on a 15% discount to Wccftech readers.

Get 15% off with code #wccftech on all designer sleeves and cases

Starting with simple knitted winter gloves that worked seamlessly with touchscreens, Mujjo has turned into a successful designer label that offers sleeves and cases, primarily for Apple products. The one thing that sets Mujjo sleeves and cases apart from most of the competition is its simplicity. Nothing over-the-top, no long list of features - just simple craft that works.

"We obsessively try to keep it as simple as possible, while trying to make each part as good as possible, every stitch, every button, they have all been intensively thought out," the company writes. Mujjo may be a small accessory maker, but it certainly knows what it's doing.  The products come packaged in a fabric sleeve, which gives them an even more suitable look for gifts. Here are some of our favorite products. For the complete list, go to the official store and use code #wccftech for discount.


Folio Sleeve for MacBook Air and Pro (13") - simple, lightweight design

Featuring a gorgeous full-grain leather panel and constructed with felt that has been treated to be water-repellent and anti-pilling, this is the perfect carry case that is slim enough to fit inside a bag, but has enough compartments to carry a few extra accessories like a hard drive and a notebook. While the price of $113 seems a little too much for a sleeve, it definitely is a well-crafted product and certainly worth it at the discounted price.

The product is being offered directly through the company website with free shipping and through Amazon US & UK, as well.


Touchscreen gloves - the perfect gift this winter

Mujjo first ventured in this industry through 5-finger touchscreen-enabled gloves. Getting a complete upgrade, these gloves are maintaining their conductive properties, but look even more gorgeous now. "We have engineered a durable triple-layer top, laminated with 3M Thinsulate in a ‘sandwich’ construction for excellent insulation, which makes these gloves perfectly wind-resistant," Mujjo writes. "The stretch-knit fleece fabric stretches 4 ways for a comfortable pre-curved fit that immediately tailors to the shape of your hand."

These gloves are also lined with a soft layer of integrated fleece that makes them warm and comfortable on the inside. Too much talk about some ordinary gloves? They'll certainly make an off-the-routine gift this holiday season. Available for $49.90, you can get a 15% discount with code #wccftech when buying directly from the company's website.


Mujjo also offers a wide range of cases, including full leather wallet cases for various iPhone and Galaxy S models. You can check out the complete range here. As for the sleeves, apart from offering Folio sleeves for MacBooks, the company also offers sleeves for iPad and Surface Laptop (disclaimer: we haven't used those).

Some other iPhone cases and notebook sleeves available for purchase through Amazon include:

Note: the code #wccftech will only work on the company website, and not on Amazon.

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