Demon’s Souls New Comparison Video Highlights Massive Improvements Across The Board


A new Demon's Souls comparison video has been shared online, highlighting the massive differences between the original PlayStation 3 release and the PlayStation 5 remake.

The video, put together by ElAnalistaDeBits, compares the latest footage shared yesterday with the original PlayStation 3 release, highlighting not only the massive improvements but also how faithful the remake is.

PS5 is Getting a New Array of Colorful Faceplates in June

Demon's Souls will feature different filters that can make the game look like the original PlayStation 3. The game's Cinematic and Performance modes have also been detailed, with the latter running the game at dynamic 4K resolution and 60 FPS.

And for the visual look of the game, what we do is we allow a whole set of filters. So you can pick the filter that you would like to play with in the game. So if you want to play in black and white, that filter exists. And there is a classic filter. So if you want to harken back to the days of the PlayStation 3 and play with that starker look and more of a darker look and a little bit more--what's the word--driving a little bit more fear into the game, then pick that classic filter and play like that. We have all those sources for you to play with. I really would like the fans just to play the game the way we made it first though, just so it can show off the incredible power of the PlayStation 5 and what we've done with it.

Demon's Souls is releasing exclusively on PlayStation 5 on November 12th in North America and on November 19th in the rest of the world.

Experience the original brutal challenge, completely remade from the ground up. All presented in stunning visual quality with enhanced performance, this is the world of Boletaria as you have never seen it before.