Delete Photos, Videos From Messages App Thread On iOS


Here's how you can delete a photo or video in a messages thread on iPhone, iPad from the stock Messages app.


Over time, Apple has put a lot of hard work and effort into the stock Messages app to make sure the experience is absolutely solid across the board. What started off as a simple SMS hub on the iPhone is now an IM platform of its own - iMessage - available on all iOS devices. And while we're certain that many users out there know how to get around the core functionality of the stock Messages app, but it's the little things one should know about to enhance the overall experience for themselves. Things such as deleting entire message threads, or certain messages themselves, or even photos or videos from a thread. Today, we'll walk our readers through the process of deleting photos and videos from a messages thread on an iPhone or iPad.

1. Launch the Messages app from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch's home screen.

2. Open the thread where an unwanted photo or video lives.


3. Tap and hold on the photo or video to reveal a bunch of options.

4. Tap on 'More.' You'll notice how you can now select individual messages by simply tapping on them. Select all the photos and video you wish to delete.


5. Once you've made your choices, tap on the 'Delete' button on the bottom left corner of the display. The little 'trashcan' icon to be more precise.


6. Tap on 'Delete Message' to confirm your action.


Keep in mind that the delete process is permanent, so be careful what you're getting rid of from your device.

We're quite certain that many of you out there already know about deleting messages, photos and videos from a thread, but those of you who are absolutely new to iOS, you've today learned a new trick which we're quite certain will go a long way as you keep on using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The stock Messages app will definitely be enhanced as new versions of iOS arrive in the future, bringing with it a whole new user experience allowing for easier navigation and usability. Till that happen, it's the little things we have to live with in the present, that all add up together for a better experience.

Be sure to let us know if you found the above guide useful.

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