Deeper PayPal Integration With All Google Services in the Works


Despite its popularity, PayPal integration across several services is a bit wonky. Samsung Pay added PayPal to the list of payment options almost a year after they said they would, while Android Pay (now Google Pay) did the same last year. However, one still couldn't pay using PayPal without going through a dozen hoops, and as of today, that is set to change. Soon, you'll be able to use your PayPal account for purchases across all products including YouTube, Play Store, Google Pay etc. According to PayPal's latest blog post:

Today, we’re extending that partnership to deliver more seamless payment experiences across the Google ecosystem. Soon, users in the U.S. who add PayPal to any one of Google’s services will be able to pay across the Google ecosystem, anywhere that PayPal is offered as a payment method, with only minimal setup.

Until now, one had to sign in to their PayPal account every time you wanted to add it as your preferred payment option. This won't be the case in the near future as linking your PayPal account into one Google service will open it up to all of them. Additionally, you can even use the account for peer-to-peer payments through Google Pay Send (formerly known as Google Wallet)

Google Pay is Now Bringing Cross-Border Transactions

For example, when a user adds PayPal to their Google Play account, it will automatically enable their linked PayPal account and make it available as a payment option across popular Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Pay and Google Store, including where Google offers peer-to-peer payments, without the user needing to log in again.

However, Android Police observed that you only have the option to "top up" your PayPal balance in set amounts, similar to what we have on Steam. The service appears to be a bit rough on the edges, and we hope that the kinks are ironed out soon. PayPal didn't mention when the integration would go live and only stated that it would be rolled out 'soon'

News Source: paypal