DeepCool Reveals the GamerStorm DQ-M Series of Modular Power Supplies


DeepCool reveals the GamerStorm DQ-M series of fully-modular power supplies, these power supplies offer a variety of capacities ranging from 650-watts and feature the highest capacity of 850-watts. These power supplies offer a large number of features; these include 100% Japanese 105°C Capacitors and Highly reliable multi-layered protection. This series a total of three different models, a 650-watt model, a 750-watt model, and an 850-watt model.

DeepCool Introduces the GamerStorm DQ-M series of fully-modular power supplies

These power supplies feature a fully modular design, and this allows users only to need to plug in the cords that users need. This design keeps the cord clutter inside your PC to a minimum and keeps the inside of your PC looking fantastic for the users that have a tempered glass side panel.

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These power supplies also feature an 80 PLUS Gold certification; this certification states that at 20% load, the power supply will have an efficiency rating of roughly 87% and when at 50% load, this power supplies will have an efficiency rating of approximately 90%. This means that the 850-watt model will feature not only be very reliable but also produce the power that your system requires depending on the load generated by your system.

Source: DeepCool

These power supplies are in the ATX format and offer the user a fully-modular design along with a black casing with a brushed silver frame surrounding the 120 mm fan. While the 750-watt model features a white coating. The 120 mm fan features a near-silent operation while offering exceptionally high performance. The included fans provide incredible performance to noise ratio. That ratio makes these power supplies perfect for PC builders that desire a quieter system without compromising on the power produced.

For connectors, all three of these power supplies features one 24-pin connector and two 4+4 pin EPS connectors and four 6+2 PCIe power connector. Where these power supplies differ is in the SATA connectors, the two lower capacities, the 650-watt and 750-watt, features just seven SATA power connectors and the largest capacity, the 850-watt model, features a total of ten SATA power connectors.

DeepCool hasn't announced any pricing information for any of the three power supplies.