DeepCool Joins Other PC Cooling Manufacturers in Offering LGA 1700 Intel Alder Lake CPU Compatibility with Free Upgrade Kit


DeepCool is offering free-of-charge mounting kits that are compatible with Intel's LGA 1700 CPU socket. Due to Intel changing the architecture of the new socket, many companies have hurried to offer a solution to compatibility between their products and Intel's newest 12th Gen Core CPUs, also known as Alder Lake S.

DeepCool To Offer Free LGA 1700 Mounting Upgrade-Kit For Intel Alder Lake CPU Users

DeepCool will begin shipping the newest LGA 1700 compatible mounting kit with their products, but for customers who have already purchased one of the company's CPU cooling kits, they will begin to offer the kit separately as long as the consumer has proof of purchase of not only their product but Intel's newest CPU proof of purchase as well.

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Intel's new CPU will follow a new hybrid architecture that will be more powerful than previous generations through the use of high-performing, efficient cores. This new architecture will have a direct impact on the appearance of the CPU, as Alder Lake features an additional 500 contacts compared to its predecessors (i.e., 1200 to 1700); as a result, the socket had to be greatly enlarged.

The list below is DeepCool's coolers, as well as the corresponding LGA 1700 mounting bracket kit model for each.

  • GAMMAXX 400/GTE/GT Series (GP-G-EM009-1700)
  • NEPTWIN Series (GP-G-EM072-1700)
  • AS500 Series/AK620 (GP-G-EM002-1700)
  • ASSASSIN III (GP-G-EM316-1700)
  • CASTLE/GAMMAXX Liquid Coolers (GP-G-EM172-1700)

Intel's new socket has a rectangular heat spreader, offering a larger surface compared to the previous square architecture of prior generations. It is stated to offer better performance than the previous CPU series.

DeepCool will utilize a new backplate, along with the mounting bridges for the LGA 1700 socket, including any necessary hardware to install the new mounting kit.

For DeepCool customers who need the free mounting kit, they can contact the support team at DeepCool, providing "proof of purchase of either an LGA1700 processor or an LGA1700 motherboard to reserve." Also, depending on the area of the world that the customer is ordering from, certain shipping charges will possibly be incurred. For new customers wishing to purchase the new mounting kit from DeepCool, you can purchase off of their website for $5.99 (USD/EUR).

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