Dead by Daylight Makes Horror Fans’ Dark Dreams Come True By Adding Freddy Krueger


Dead by Daylight has struck a major blow in its ongoing battle with fellow multiplayer slasher Friday the 13th: The Game. Both Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th offer similar asymmetrical “victims vs. slasher” gameplay, but the latter game has had a big advantage – it’s got Jason. Sure, Dead by Daylight has Michael Myers and Leatherface, but they’re not quite as iconic as Jason Voorhees.

Well, with Halloween looming, Dead by Daylight has deployed the big guns, adding the only horror movie villain more popular than Jason – Freddy Krueger. You can catch a brief look at Freddy in action, below.

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Dead by Daylight’s A Nightmare on Elm Street chapter includes Freddy, new survivor Quentin Smith (based on the protagonist of the 2010 Elm Street reboot), and the Badham Preschool map. As with all Dead by Daylight killers, Freddy comes with his own set of unique perks:

Freddy Krueger

This most recent horrid ghoul seems to bridge the gap between the states of being awake or asleep. Freddy will instill fear in you, and it doesn’t matter if you’re awake or asleep. He and his claw clad hand will find you — so keep running.

  • Fire Up: The increased pressure of losing your prey fills you with anger and give you unsuspected motivation. Each time the Survivors complete repairs on a generator, Fire Up grows in power and grants speed bonus to pick ups, drops, pallet breaks, generator breaks and vaults.
  • Remember Me: You become obsessed with one survivor. Each time you Hit your Obsession, you increase the opening time of the Exit Gates up to a maximum. The Obsession is not affected by Remember Me. Only one obsession per match.
  • Blood Warren: Once per match, once the Gates are opened, hooking a Survivor summons The Entity to block the exits for all Survivors for a limited time. While Blood Warden is active, auras of survivors located within the Exit areas are revealed to you.

Dead by Daylight’s A Nightmare on Elm Street chapter is currently available on PC for $7. The DLC will hit the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game in the coming months.

Are you excited to slip into Freddy’s striped shirt and fedora? Or are you a Friday the 13th loyalist?