Dark Souls 3 Gets New Details On Items, NPCs, Weapon Arts From Latest Japanese Event


In the past few weeks, Japanese players have had the chance to try out Dark Souls 3 before release thanks to a few special events. Another one of these events has been held this weekend and details from the event have surfaced online thanks to online reports.

Dark Souls 3

Most of the new Dark Souls 3 details that have emerged today are on items, weapons and armor pieces. Some new details have also emerged on the Faran's Undead Legion, which seems to share some sort of connection with Dark Souls' Artorias, some NPCs, Weapon Arts and more. Reddit user Laf1 has provided a translation from the most recent reports from the event, and you can find it right below.

About the shrine, It is already well said that I could confirm 5 NPCs:Fire Keeper, Andre, Merchant, Hawkwood, and the midget with the crown. During loading, it showed the item "Drilling furnace," which is explained that the midget will give you special weapons or magics if you hand in to him, so to speak that it is possible to consider the midget is a trader. According to Hawkwood, he's planning to bring the old lords of cinder to the throne of the shrine to reestablish the succession of linking the Fire. FYI, by killing the midget, you can get the ring that implies it has the same effect of the Redeye Ring from DS2.
About Faran's Undead Legion, The explanation of its armor says, "divided the blood of the wolf" and "Undead Legion is organized to watch the abyss." Since their weapon is somewhat similar to Greatsword of Artorias, they might be related to Artorias.
About the other stuff, During loading, it shows many other stuff. I don't remember exactly, but I'll try my best to describe the other stuff. Bow of Pharis?:the explanation was different from DS2, Pharis is treated as a hero. The weapon art is probably 3-way shots..? Sunlight Charm?:It is like Monastery Charm, and its design is same as Sunlight Shield. Feather Knight Halberd?: I couldn't really look at it from a distance, but it's probably the one that the fat guy had in Network Test. Saw Cleaver: It is said to be used in Undead town. I couldn't really spot exactly how it looks like, but it was clearly different from its of BloodBorne. Wood Shield: aka Maneater Mildred's shield. Surprisingly, the arts is shield bash. Spider Shield: Who expects it to be backed from DS1. The arts is parrying. Darkdrift: As it is already reported, it used to belong to Yuria. DragonSlayer's Crescent Axe: It is treated as Creighton's weapon. Lothian must be so sad. Royal Kite Shield: It's clearly Guardian Shield, but they didn't mention the explanation of it. So, it's probably a specification in only that event. Talisman: it mentioned the Way of White, but it seems that the Allfather Lloyd is degraded. Halberd: It can be purchased in the shrine. The art is charge (same as spears.) Claymore:The art is ready stance (same as the straight sword)
On top of that, one boots' explanation shows "Imitate the knight who follows the only goddess blah blah blah." It was similar to the Leggings of Favor (Lautrec's boots)

Dark Souls 3 launches next month on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will be released in April in North America and Europe on consoles as well as on PC.