Dark Souls 3 Gets Additional Details On Pyromancy, Weapon Arts, Durability And More


Earlier today, a new special event for Dark Souls 3 has been held in Japan, allowing players to try ou the highly anticipated action role playing game developed by From Software. Thanks to reports from the event, new details on many gameplay features have surfaced online.

Reports on today's Dark Souls 3 event have been shared on several Japanese forums, revealing some new details on features such as Pyromancy, Weapon Arts for weapons such as Dragonslayer Greatbow, Whip, Notched Whip and other weapons, Estus Flask, durability, load times and more. Reddit user momomonoki has provided a short yet exhaustive summary of the reports on today's event.

  • Loading seems to be faster than Bloodborne (but some people guess it's because they were busy to pay attention to the description on the loading screen and that's why it felt faster)
  • Rolling seems to be like DkS2. There is no mid roll, there is just fast roll and greater the equip load, shorter the rolling distance. Also at a certain point it becomes a fat roll.
  • Pyromancy "Sacred Fire" (or purification) is like building up fire inside enemy and blow them up, apparently.The weapon art for Dragonslayer Greatbow is "Piercing Shot"
  • The weapon art for Whip and Notched Whip is "Severe Blow". It's an attack getting around the shield and reduces stamina regeneration speed.
  • The weapon art for Crow Demon's Curved Greatsword is "Blow from the dead angle"
  • Flynn's Ring confirmed
  • Darkdrift confirmed with the weapon art called "Darkdrift" too
  • Reinforce Estus Flask with Estus Shard, also you can have 0 FP Estus and get full HP Estus, and vice versa.
  • In the description of the sorcery "Tear of Cure(?)" had a name "Carim" in the description.
  • Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, Lloyd Shield (not sure if he's talking about Lloyd from DkS1) (Stability is increased when full HP), Fake Ring (The same effect as Ring of the Living?)
  • Lloyd's Talisman has been changed to Undead Hunt Talisman
  • The durability seems to be low, for example Battle Axe has only 80. However it's like attacking enemy for 5 times will decrease 1 durability, and restores the durability by resting at bonfire.

Something quite interesting has also happened during today's event. According to the reports, one player has managed to beat the demo's boss in just 30 seconds, surprising the staff present at the event.

Dark Souls 3 launches next month in Japan on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will be released during April in North America and Europe on consoles and PC.