Dark Souls 3 New Details Emerge From Special Japanese Event


Earlier today a Dark Souls 3 special event has been held in Hakata Station, Fukuoka, Japan, where players have been able to try out a playable build of the game and check out the beautiful life size figure which is being offered as an exclusive prize for all those who pre-order the Japanese version of the game on the PlayStation Store. Reports from the event have started surfacing online a few hours ago, revealing some new interesting details on the game.

The playable build available at the event included three areas, including the one featured in the network test which has been held a few months back. One boss, Wandah, Judge of Ash, was included in this demo but it seems like experienced players had no trouble defeating him.

According to the report, movement speed was slowed down from the network test, with the movement  apparently feeling more like Demon's Souls rather than the original Dark Souls.

One of the atteendees has managed to talk about a variety of matters with a member of the staff, revealing and confirming additional details on bonfires, co-op, respawning and more. (Thanks, rhkfk2935)

I was surprised when I was talking about Arena with a staff. He seemed surprised about the fact that many of western gamers want Arena. These fools, they don't know what customers want...
<Confirmed Informations>
Is stat resetting available?: It is possible by meeting certain condition. But it is impossible to change your customization. So be careful.
Is it possible to warp between bonfires?: Once you visited, yes.
How about Co-op with friends?: Use same password matching system like bloodborne.
Condition of matching?: Level
Co-op time?: It's limitless. Play as much as possible until you kill the boss or get killed.
Slots of weapons?: 3 slots on each hands.
Is magic limited by numbers?: It's a system uses FP gauge.
Is mobs respawn endlessly?: Yes. Unlike DS2, it is endless respawn. This game focuses on achieving feeling by dominating toughness.
Is it possible to invade soloing host?: I cannot talk about it.
What about the Arena?: I cannot talk about it either.
Why is that? there's many people want fair no healing fight. Try look over some place like Reddit.: ......Is that so? (He looked very surprised)

Dark Souls 3 will be released this April on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in North America and Europe. The game will be released in Japan next month.