CurseForge Core SDK Promises Easy Cross-Platform Modding for New UGC Inflection Point


Overwolf today announced a $52.5 million Series C funding round for the launch of CurseForge Core, a new platform dedicated to user-generated content (UGC). CurseForge Core provides game developers with an SDK that integrates into the game and allows users to discover and install mods across all platforms and storefronts.

  • Cross-Platform Modding -- Integrate Overwolf’s open-source SDKs and plugins to let players discover and install mods in-game, across all platforms and storefronts.

  • Full Analytics Dashboard -- Get a full modding usage dashboard to learn which mods are popular. Gather insights on what content players find enjoyable, which genres are trending, and much more.

  • Safe and Secure Moderation -- Each mod submitted is scanned for viruses or inappropriate content. Defined policies and guidelines on what is permitted are enforced by Overwolf, and only authorized content is published.

  • Creator Relations and Payment -- CurseForge supports creators with Author Rewards Program, fund investments, developer contests, and hackathons.

Uri Marchand, Overwolf CEO and Co-Founder, stated:

Microsoft: We’ll See More User Generated Content in Games Going Forward

We are at a new user-generated content inflection point, and the strong growth of gaming lies largely in the hands of “in-game creators,” a term we coined to categorize this new generation of in-game app creators and mod authors. The more content and customizability a game has, the more likely a gamer will keep experiencing its content and by that extending the longevity of the game and generating more value for game developers and publishers in the long run. By offering CurseForge Core, we are accelerating the community-created content movement by enabling publishers to easily integrate mods safely and seamlessly into their existing and new games. With the backing of the most notable investors in the space, we are confident that the Overwolf platform will lay the groundwork for a new era of AAA game creation.

This Series C funding round was co-led by Griffin Gaming Partners and Insight Partners with participation from investors including Ubisoft, Warner Music Group, Meg Whitman, Gen.G Co-Founder, Kevin Chou, and existing investors Marker, Intel Capital, and Liberty Media.