Crysis Revival Teases Continue, Crytek Job Listings Hint Ray Tracing May be a Big Focus

Nathan Birch

For some time now Crytek has seemingly been hinting at the return of their Crysis series, with another big clue being dropped yesterday. Well, now we have yet another hint – yesterday, the Crysis Twitter account updated for the first time in three-and-a-half years, and today this tweet popped up.

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So yeah, definitely seems like something Crysis-related is happening soon (check out our previous post for all the hints Crytek has dropped over the past year or so). If there is indeed a new Crysis remaster, remake, or sequel is on the way (probably a the former, as the line they tweeted today is from the original game), what can fans expect from it? The older Crysis games were designed to push graphics cards to their limits and show off the cutting-edge abilities of Crytek’s CryEngine, so will a potential remaster/remake continue the series’ tradition of pushing the latest tech? New evidence points to that being the case.

Crytek is currently looking to hire a number of people to work on an “Unannounced AAA” title, which is likely the new Crysis project. One of the positions they’re looking to fill is an FX artist, who will be expected to “develop cutting edge particles and onscreen effects.” They are also looking to hire a senior rendering engineer, who will focus on “real-time raytracing for the CryEngine team in our Frankfurt studio.” While the rendering engineer job doesn’t list the Unannounced AAA project specifically, it seems very unlikely Crytek would work to add ray tracing to CryEngine then not use it in their next big project.

Take this all with a grain of salt until we get an official announcement, but a new Crysis designed to showcase the next-gen capabilities of the CryEngine would certainly make a lot of business sense. Hopefully Crytek stops teasing and announces something soon.

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