New Crysis 3 Screenshot Shows The Big Apple is now a Concrete Jungle – Screen confirmed as a fake, sorry for confusion

Crysis 3 was leaked earlier this week by Origin itself and the game was prepping up for an April 16th announcement, but a screenshot managed to make its way to the internet which helps players piece together the setting and the enemies of Crysis 3. We are still in the big apple but it seems to have gotten a touch of the green thumb since our last visit there, Crysis 2 was an amazing game but due to the lack of an open world experience which was in the original it was criticized but now we get the best of both worlds as we have the jungle AND the city in one place.

Unfortunately the screen has been confirmed to be a fake.

Say hello to the new Rambo!

Crysis 1 and 2 were both praised some of the most graphically amazing video games, the first game on it's release date managed to bring mighty systems to their knees and the second one was much more optimized over its predecessor allowing almost every kind of PC to run it on better settings with little to no problems, while the games aren't the least bit strong when it comes to story the game does deliver plenty of eye candy for the players especially for the PC players who would often stop and smell the roses of the highly detailed textures, environments and Direct X effects which are unmatched in almost every other FPS out there when each of the two games were released.

As you can see the above screen cap of the game shows that New York has had the touch of the green thumb from mother nature and is is bad kind of green with aliens still a major problem. It appears that Alcatraz is back once again and hopefully we can expect a better and more optimized engine once again for the PC's and consoles once the game is officially announced and eventually released.

UPDATE It has been confirmed to be fake by Crytek.Official tweet Here

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