Crysis 2 to be released with DirectX 9 on launch, DirectX 11 to be added in patch.

Rizwan Anwer

It seems that EA will NOT give PC gamers the advantage of Direct X 11 on the launch of Crysis and gamers will have to do without DirectX 10 as well, the game will ship with plain old DirectX 9 ONLY and support for DirectX 11 will be added for the game in a future patch.

This is some really disappointing news to hear, the main advantage PC gamers had over console gamers was the DirectX advantage but it seems that PC gamers will be without that advantage for a while now. With the game releasing on March 22nd one can only wonder when the official DirectX 11 patch will surface? EA has made it abundantly clear that the launch title will not support DirectX 10/11 and will only run 9 (good news for those of you still on Windows XP).

Source: SWEClockers

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