CrossfireX Big Update and Expansion is Now Live; Includes Updated Player Experience, New Maps, Vehicles and More


CrossfireX is one of many first-person shooters on the Xbox Series X, originally released back in February of 2022. The title had various updates adding new content such as weapons, game modes, and maps. Today’s no different, as a rather large update dropped today for CrossfireX, which we’ll break down right now.

This update has many different gameplay updates for the first-person shooter, including new game modes and weapons. Revealed today at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, developer Smilegate Entertainment released a brand-new trailer to commemorate the new update’s release, which you can watch below.

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CrossfireX Update Adds New Maps, Weapons, Aiming Sensitivity Options, and More

So, the update revealed the game’s newest two maps; Babylon, a new Occupation map for the Modern multiplayer game mode, and the second is Satellite, a new game mode in the Search and Destroy, Modern, and Classic game modes. Aside from them, two other maps are making a brief return, Submarine (in the Classic Knife - Team Deathmatch mode) and The Transport Ship (in the Modern Team Deathmatch mode).

In addition to the new maps, there’s a brand-new mission that players can complete in-game for rewards. Known as the Rise of Babylon, players will be tasked with playing the new Babylon map for more than 100 minutes (an hour and 40 minutes) and be rewarded with the KALASH-103 weapon and Alpine Strike weapon skin.

The game’s matchmaking and control customization have also been tweaked, allowing for deeper controller configurations. Adjustments to the minimap and improvements to the standard aiming response curve were also included in this update.

Other content in this update includes new weapons, like the AP-45, HAMMER MK2, KALASH-LMG, and Model 1903, new weapon skins, and an EXP boost to the battle pass (free or premium). The update, built upon over six months of development and improvements, is out for players to download today. CrossfireX is available now on Xbox Series and Xbox One.

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