Creative Assembly Sofia Is Working on a UE5 Action Game

Creative Assembly FPS

Today, we learned that Creative Assembly Sofia will be working on a new Unreal Engine 5 powered action game.

The studio acquired five years ago from Crytek is now recruiting for multiple positions to expand for this new project.

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The team are recruiting across all disciplines, prioritising candidates with experience working on third-person titles using the Unreal 5 engine. Current priorities include game design, programming, technical art and animation.

Creative Assembly Sofia has worked on the DLCs Total War: Rome II – Empire Divided (2017) and Total War: Rome II – Rise of the Republic (2018) before launching its own standalone game, Total War Saga: Troy, in 2020. Our resident Total War fan, Chris Wray, loved Troy (9/10).

With a focused approach, looking at the Trojan War, Total War Saga: Troy offers you the choice between following the story of the war or forging your own path, each time feeling different. This is enhanced by unique game mechanics for each faction within the game, though there are sadly a limited number, as well as adding mechanics that all factions work with like the favour of gods. This is backed up by a brilliant resource and city-management system, making this one of the more strategic Total War titles out there. There are some flaws, such as agents mostly feeling useless and a few small niggles with diplomacy and allied AI, but these are outshone by the aforementioned positives and a fantastically tactical combat system due to enhanced units and new terrain, as well as mythical units. Put simply, Total War Saga: Troy is an outstanding first entry from Creative Assembly Sofia and a fantastic entry to the Total War franchise, highlighting what the Saga spin-offs can bring.

The rest of Creative Assembly is working on Hyenas, another unannounced project, and Total War (they just released Immortal Empires this week).

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