Crackdown 3 To Have Revolutionary Multiplayer With 100% Destruction Thanks To Cloud Tech

Crackdown 3 has been demonstrated for the first time today at Microsoft's Gamescom 2015 Media Briefing. The long awaited sequel in the open world series is powered by special cloud tech (Cloudgine), and it has been announced that the game will have "revolutionary multiplayer" with 100% destructible environments. Microsoft is definitely trying to deliver on its original promise - they also added that by connecting to the cloud, Crackdown 3 will harness 20 times the computational power of the Xbox One hardware.

It seems that the game will retain both its signature graphics style (cel-shading) and the classic gameplay, which looks very familiar to what we've seen and played in the first two Crackdown games. In terms of pure detail, there's still a lot of room for improvement with many graphical aspects looking quite rough at the moment.

According to the narrating voice of the trailer, the developers of Crackdown 3 are striving to create the "ultimate sandbox" game,  with players taking once again control of an Agent fighting crime syndicates all over the city.

The very last frames of the video hint that the multiplayer mode will begin (likely with a beta) in Summer 2016, obviously as an Xbox One exclusive.


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