Cougar Introduces The MG120-G RGB Micro-ATX PC Case

Evan Federowicz

Cougar has introduced the MG120-G RGB PC case, which is a Micro-ATX PC case featuring support for not only an mATX motherboard but also two graphics cards that can have a length of up to 330 mm. The MG120-G RGB PC case also features support for a bulky cooling which can be either air or water-cooled solutions.

Cougar Introduces the MG120-G RGB PC case featuring two tempered glass panels and support for up to six RGB 120 mm fans

The MG120-G RGB PC case features an elegant but compact design that utilizes a dark mirror transparent front panel that showcases the three included ARGB VK120 fans. The design of this case is fantastic, featuring the black and grey color scheme, which makes this case an excellent choice for a home office or a high-end gaming setup.

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In addition to the black and grey color scheme, this case features two tempered glass panels, with the front panel being a darker color. In contrast, the side panel is transparent, allowing for easy viewing of the installed components.

Source: Cougar

These fans are plugged into the included LED controller, which supports up to six fans and is compatible with the motherboards' 5V ARGB connector. These fans have an RGB diffuser ring, which allows for robust and bright RGB lighting effects to be shown throughout the system. These fans are equipped with a Hydro-Dynamic Bearing allowing for enhanced durability and near-silent operation even at the most massive workloads.


These fans are connected to the MG120-G's built-in LED controller, which can have up to six fans connected and have all the RGB lighting to be synchronized. This LED controller connects to the motherboard through the 5V ARGB connection, allowing these fans to be controlled through the motherboard RGB software.

The front of the case can feature up to three 120 mm fans or two 140 mm fans, and the top panel features support for two 120 or 140 mm fans, and a single 120 mm fan can be mounted to the rear to act as a result. The front IO is somewhat limited, having just two USB ports alongside the two 3.5 mm audio input and output jacks.

Source: Cougar

For storage, this case features support for three 2.5" SSDs on the PSU shroud, one 2.5" SSD mounted to the backside of the motherboard tray, and two 3.5" HDDs can be installed int the drive cage. Sadly, Cougar has yet to reveal any information regarding pricing or availability for the MG120-G RGB Micro-ATX PC Case.

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