Corsair’s Carbide Series is On Sale at!

On, the Corsair Carbide Series is currently on sale, which includes the 275R, 175R, and the 275R Airflow. Corsair's Carbide 275R is discounted by 22% off the initial $89.99 price, and the 275R Airflow is discounted at the same rate, along with the 275R, the 175R is not only discounted by 14%, it also has a mail-in rebate of $20 which makes this case just $39.99. has discounted the Corsair's Carbide Series up to 22% off!

Corsair's Carbide 175R is an RGB case that offers some fantastic lighting while providing a clean and classic design. To accent this design, this case has an edge-to-edge tempered glass side panel that allows your PC components to be on full display. Still, you won't be stuck looking at your power supply with your included full-length PSU cover that covers not only the PSU but also the cables keeping your case very neat and easy to handle. The RGB in the case is located in the Corsair logo located in the front, along with the three included fans. Corsair's Carbide 175R costs just $39.99 after being discounted by 14% along with the $20.00 mail-in rebate, which amazingly takes up to $30 off the initial price of $69.99.

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Corsair's Carbide 275R is very similar to the 175R version, but the discounts and special offers for this case are significantly different. The 275R is a mid-tower ATX case that looks amazing with the minimalistic design and the beautiful tempered glass window. This case does offer direct airflow path cooling by using the included two Corsair SP120 fans to pull the air right onto the path of the hottest components of your computer, cooling them much more efficiently. Along with the included fans, this case can accommodate a 360 mm radiator in the front, or three 120 mm fans, the top of the case can have a 240 mm radiator or two 120 mm fans installed. The 275R currently only costs $69.99, which is 22% off the initial price of $89.99.

The Carbide 275R Airflow which is increasingly similar to the Carbide 275R, with the big main difference that it has a mesh front panel to allow significantly more airflow through the front fans. The slated design of the front panel makes this computer look elegant while still keeping an amazingly premium feel to the case itself. The price is similar to the Carbide 275R, as this case costs just $69.99.

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