Corsair Teases Up To DDR5-6400 Memory Kits, Coming Soon To A Next-Gen Gaming PC Near You!

Hassan Mujtaba

In its latest blog post, Corsair has teased its upcoming DDR5 memory kits and memory modules that would be featuring some really fast speeds. The DDR5 memory technology is landing in Q3 2021 for next-generation gaming and mainstream PC platforms.

Corsair's DDR5 Memory Kits & Memory Modules Up To 6400 MHz Teased

Corsair states that the company has had a great run with its existing Dominator and Vengeance line of DDR4 memory kits and now they are moving ahead in offering the same quality in DDR5 series. According to the company, DDR5-6400 memory will offer up to 51 GB/s of bandwidth which is double the bandwidth of DDR4 memory and also at far better efficiency. It is also stated that the memory capacities will hit a whopping 128 GB on a single memory module.

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Corsair doesn't state explicitly which memory kits it would launch under the next generation but we can definitely expect a brand new Dominator line. As for the launch of DDR5 memory, Corsair states that the memory is launching soon and that they will be sharing more information on the memory technology & its respective products in the coming months.

There will also be faster memory modules in the future with other manufacturers reporting speeds of over 10,000 MHz in the research phase. We are expected to get 32, 64 and up to 128 GB memory capacities this year with speeds between 4800 MHz and 5600 MHz. TeamGroup previously reported that the voltages on DDR5 memory can be pushed up to 2.6V with LN2 cooling.

DDR5 memory is expected to bring over twice the performance increase over DDR4 as seen in the previously leaked benchmarks. We have already seen DDR4 hitting speeds of over 7 GHz with OC so 10 GHz doesn't sound like a big deal for the next-gen memory as SK Hynix & Micron deliver faster DRAM chips to vendors which are currently supplying to memory makers.

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