Corsair Launches The Hydro X Series XC5 RGB CPU Water Block – An Affordable Entry To Building A Custom Loop


Corsair is making custom water cooling affordable and available to all with the launch of the Hydro X Series XC5 RGB CPU Water Block. Corsair has quite an expansive lineup of custom loop cooling components which many did not see coming.

A Budget Water Block With A High-Quality Design - Uses An Advanced Cold Plate Design With A Nylon Body

The XC5 water block is made with the highest quality components even at the lowest price point in Corsair's lineup. It features an advanced cold plate design. It is milled copper with a high-density fin array to make the heat transfer more efficient and effective. The block is not made of acrylic, but it is actually made of nylon. This makes the block more durable and less prone to cracking compared to acrylic. It may not be the prettiest option, but it sure does get the job done. The block also features pre-applied thermal paste.

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Alongside the high-quality construction, it also features RGB which is not something that is expected in a budget option. The block features 16 LEDs grouped in pairs giving you 8 RGB zones that can be controlled using the iCUE software. It is less than the premium blocks, but some parts need to be cut in order for it to affordable for everyone. Corsair has it listed for use in either AM4 or LGA1200 systems.

Corsair has not promoted its custom loops products heavily, but look to give people more options on what to use to cool their PC. Corsair is welcome in this sector with options that are more affordable compared to EKWB's and other companies' more aggressive pricing. The Hydro X Series XC5 RGB CPU Water Block is a great option for people looking to use a custom loop on a budget at only $60.