Corsair and ASUS Announce Official Partnership, iCUE Classified As ASUS Aura Ready

Kai Powell

At CES 2020, Corsair and ASUS have announced their partnership to allow an official solution to integrating Corsair’s iCUE RGB lighting solution with ASUS Aura Sync. While the two products have worked together in the past, this is the first official integration of ASUS Aura Sync together with a third party like Corsair.

ASUS Aura Sync is already enabled across dozens of hardware components and accessories so chances are you already own something in your custom built PC that has this RGB functionality. With the official partnership between Corsair and ASUS, now the new components that you purchase from Corsair will be synced up together in one unified and clean presentation. 

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Among the Corsair components that will be supported in ASUS Aura Sync include ‘some RGB RAM’ as informed by Corsair’s Director of PR and Marketing, Harry Butler. In the past, CORSAIR’s VENGEANCE RGB PRO and Dominator Platinum RGB line would integrate with ASUS Aura Sync via additional plug-ins, so the official solution would reduce the need for such additional software. Expect to see a number of Corsair’s iCUE-enabled RGB fans and cooling solutions as well as cases and peripherals to be added to the official list of supported devices in the coming days.

If you’re looking to expand what devices you can coordinate with the ASUS Aura Sync software outside of the Corsair family of products, you may be waiting for a while. During the CES 2020 Press Briefing, Corsair and ASUS confirmed that they will be maintaining an exclusive partnership “for quite some time”.

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