Tesla Stock Price Falls Drastically After Consumer Reports Pulls Their Recommended Tag From The Model S


Consumer Reports Rating System gave the Tesla Model S P85D a perfect score, higher than any other car out there. Consumer Reports showed how Tesla’s Model S was the perfect car for those who could afford it and the P85D broke the rating system and achieved a score greater than 100.

Things seems to be turning for the worse for Tesla Model S P85D

Now things seem to have taken a bitter turn as owners of Tesla’s have sent in filled surveys with a lot of negative feedback and complaints. All of the complaints made the Consumer Reports warn prospective customers about this car and how it might not be as reliable as Tesla portrays. Their website says that the car’s reliability doesn’t match its high performance, and this was shown in their Annual Auto Reliability Survey.

The survey consisted of about 1,400 responses from owners of Tesla’s Model S who told their side of the story about the problems with the car. All of these responses made the Consumer Reports pull down their recommended desirability rating for the Model S P85D. They go on to say that owing a Tesla will give you more chance to have a problem than the average problem rate for other cars. To get the recommended tag from Consumer Reports, cars must go through some testing, reliability calculations and safety standards some areas in which the Model S P85D failed.

The main problems with the Model S were drivetrain, problems with the power and charging equipment, a huge center screen that is not very appealing, some body issues including the sunroof and leaks. All of these were some of the problems faced by the consumers who gave the feedback and there can be other problems not mentioned above.

It’s still not quite sure if this Consumer Report’s annual survey would have any real effect of any nature on the sales of the Tesla Model S P85D but investors are sure in a run for their money as stock prices of Tesla have gone down to almost 10% as previously compared, this may mean that there is less demand and people are reluctant to invest in a company that won’t give the best quality even after charging such a high price, let’s hope Tesla learns a lesson and makes future cars much better. Let us know what you think about this in the comment below.


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