Conan Exiles to Use NVIDIA Ansel Tech; Early Access Confirmed for January

Funcom announced today that they are teaming up with NVIDIA to implementing their Ansel tech to Conan Exiles that will you take some truly breathtaking screenshots of their chaotic fantasy world. That's the second NVIDIA feature that Funcom is adding to Conan Exiles after the GameWorks powered real-time simulated sand.

If you're not familiar with Ansel tech, it lets you take 360-degree screenshots that can be viewed on VR devices on Vive, Oculus Rift and mobile VR. If you want, you can check out the screenshots right here on the Geforce website; we've embedded the normal version in the gallery below.

Another big announcement for Exiles was that the Early Access in January will be available in 11 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

Conan Exiles is an open world survival game set in the Conan the Barbarian universe. You'll start with nothing and build up a clan and elite gear with the resources around you. The interesting thing about Exiles is that you can play on public or private servers and work on taking out bandits and conquering new lands. You know, like a proper barbarian.

Last time we checked in on Conan, its Early Access has had been delayed a few months in order to polish up the title before people actually start playing it in January.

Funcom CEO Rui Casais discussed his thoughts on Exiles being in Early Access:

We want to make sure the game is available to as many people as possible from the very start of Early Access. Releasing a game into Early Access means building a community of players around it that helps us as developers realize the full potential of the game. The more people we can include in that process, the better it will be for the game and for the players.

Conan Exiles hits PC's Steam Early Access in January 2017. The screenshots below how far the game has come in the past few months and it looks like the time they took for polish surely helped.

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