‘Completely Usable’ Version of Linux for M1 Macs Released

Linux for M1 Macs

Corellium CTO Chris Wade has announced today that Ubuntu Linux is now completely installable and usable on the new M1 Macs. Researchers at the company have developed and released a port through which you can install Linux for M1 Macs. Apple announced the first batch of its custom silicon Macs last year which includes the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini. If you're a die-hard Linux user, you can now give it a swing on your new M1 Mac.

Corellium Announces Linux for M1 Macs With Limitations to GPU Acceleration

Chris Wade announced the Linux port for M1 Macs on Twitter earlier today. While there are certain limitations, Corellium has been able to boot Linux over USB. The USB-C dongle will cater to network functionalities, support for USB, 12C, and DART. As mentioned earlier, there are certain limitations that you should know of. For instance, there is no support for GPU acceleration and all rendering needs will rely on software.

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Linus for M1 Macs

The company was working on making port available for the M1-powered Macs since earlier this month and last weekend, the company made striking progress on the project. Here's what the CTO stated:

Linux is now completely usable on the Mac mini M1. Booting from USB a full Ubuntu desktop (RPI). The network works via a USB c dongle. Update includes support for USB, I2C, DART. We will push changes to our GitHub and a tutorial later today. Thanks to the @CorelliumHQ team.

Corellium is a software virtualization company that aims to offer tools for security research and caters to Arm. It also deals in testing apps and much more. Apple and Corellium don't go hand in hand these days due to the latter's work on iOS emulation software. Nonetheless, we're glad that Linux for M1 Macs support is here.

The first announcement pertaining to Linux for M1 Macs was made in January and users were warned that it is a "very early" beta and only meant for "advanced users." What this means is that you were not advised to use the platform on your daily driver because it was crawling with bugs. If you're interested, you can install Linux from Github and a detailed tutorial will be released later today.

Apple's M1 Macs have performed stunningly since their launch in November of last year. The benchmarks excelled as well and the performance and battery were better than what Intel variants had to offer. We will share more details on the story as soon as we have word on the port. Are you going to give Linux a swing on your M1 Mac? Let us know in the comments.

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