Best of 2016: Save Over $2,950 on the Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle

Rafia Shaikh
The Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle

Ruby on Rails is one of the most powerful all-purpose programming languages and is also one of the most commonly sought after by employers. Ruby on Rails comprises two tools: Ruby and Rails. Rails is a full-stack web application framework, while Ruby is the language with which you write on Rails. This web application framework is designed for rapid prototyping, allowing you to churn out and build site concepts efficiently.

Similar to Java, Python and other programming languages, Ruby is also object-oriented, which means that it is interpreted by a model in a Rails framework mapping to a table in a database, and a Ruby file. Too much too soon? Head over to Wccftech Deals and get a huge 98% discount on the Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle. Originally valued at $3,000, you can now get the Super Bundle for just $39.

The Complete Ruby on Rails Super Bundle

  • Ruby on Rails: The Beginner's Guide to Ruby on Rails Framework
  • Ruby Programming Module #1: Ruby Fundamentals
  • Ruby Programming Module #2: Learn Variables and Arrays
  • Ruby Programming Module #3: Operators and Exceptions
  • Ruby Programming Module #4: Statements, Loops and Break Concepts
  • Ruby Programming Module #5: Methods, Classes and Objects
  • Ruby Programming Module #6: Learn Symbols, FileIO, Gem and Debugging
  • Ruby Programming Training
  • Ruby Debugging: Learn Debugging in Ruby from Scratch
  • Web Development with Ruby: Learn Ruby Programming and Ruby on Rails Framework

Original value: $3,000 | Wccftech Deals: $39 at 98% discount

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