Save Over $400 on 2-Yr Ruby on Rails Subscription with New Practice Apps Every Month

Rafia Shaikh

Have you always wanted to try your luck at programming? Now is your chance to learn Ruby on Rails which is a favourite of beginners due to simple code structure and is also easy to build. Ruby on Rails has a strong support community actively contributing making it a helpful platform for beginners. You can now get a 2-year subscription of Ruby on Rails with an 89% discount.

Ruby on Rails 2-yr subscription

Considered a good choice for first-timers, you can start building completely functional apps using Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails programming language covers both the front-end and back-end helping you create complete apps. Get access to 120 hours of courses which you can use to learn this beautiful programming language at your own pace. also offers you with a range of practice apps that you can use to train and polish your skills on. Subscribe now, save a whopping $407 on a 2-yr subscription. Get started and learn to code to build awesome new apps, social networks, e-commerce platforms, and just about anything that you could think of.

Are you ready to start this amazing and fulfilling experience of programming? Sign up now and start a 2-year long mentorship where you will be taken through the basics of Ruby on Rails all the way to help you become an expert. Here are all the highlights of this awesome offer:

  • 5 hour courses, 120 hours of total course content
  • Learn to code w/ Ruby on Rails from scratch w/ hands-on examples
  • Access to a student support knowledge base
  • 1 step-by-step app building project per month (24 total) such as:
    • Project management tool like
    • Sided marketplace like
    • Social network like Facebook
    • Directory website like (February 2015)
    • Social network sharing platform like (March 2015)
    • Web scraper (April 2015)
    • Crowdfunding marketplace like Kickstarter (May 2015)
    • Social dating website like Tinder (June 2015)
  • 2 new Codecasts per month (48 total) teaching you how to customize your apps w/ special features such as:
    • Braintree/PayPal, social network integration, Google Maps, admin panels, elastic search, automatic mailers with Mandrill, receipts management with Receiptful, instant notifications with Pusher & many more
  • Explore fundamentals of HTMLCSS, web design w/ Bootstrap 3, and wireframing and APIintegrations
  • Student progress dashboard
  • Internal product showcase wall-of-fame of apps built by students
  • Certificates of completion
  • Take advantage of’s partnerships with tech recruitment agencies worldwide

Feeling excited? Buy the subscription now.

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