111 Cloverfield Lane Bunker Fallout 4 Mod Adds Cloververse Inspired Bunker; Packed with References to the Movie

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A new Fallout 4 mod has been released that adds a Cloververse inspired bunker to the game.

Created by modder ‘Wandering Ranger’, the 111 Cloverfield Lane mod creates a new Player Home located behind the SS's home in Sanctuary.

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The mod comes with a chem station, armor and weapons workbenches, and more. We’ve included the mod’s features, alongside a video and some screenshots, down below:

- A new home located behind the SS's home in Sanctuary.

- Chem station, cooking stove, power armor station, and armor and weapons workbenches.

- Linked storage for all crafting stations.

- Custom meshes and textures for workbenches, furniture, clutter, and containers.

- Useable sink and kitchen.

- Fun references to the movie.

- Unique storage containers throughout the shelter.

- Loads of clutter.

- Navmeshed. (That's a first for me, be thankful.)


Those interested can download the mod right here.

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