How to Adjust Screen Color Tone on iPhone, iPad Running iOS 10


Did you know that you can adjust the color tone of your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch's screen in iOS 10? We'll show you how.

Adjust Screen Color Tone on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch that Best Suits Your Comfort

There are a lot of things in iOS 10 that are just waiting to be discovered. Apart from the most obvious features which Apple is flaunting on its website there are some that are buried deep inside iOS 10. And over the passage of time, we will try out best to cover those unknown features, making sure users get the most out of their devices in the weeks and months to come.

One of those unknown features is the ability to adjust the screen's color tone. We are strictly not talking about Night Shift here in any case. This other feature allows you to adjust the display's color tone to your liking and it's actually pretty useful if you're craving for a certain visual tint on your device. We'll show you how you can access this feature immediately.

1. Pick up your iPhone or iPad and go to the Settings app.

2. Tap on General then go to Accessibility.

3. You'll see an entry here called Color Accommodations. Tap on it to open.

4. Now tap on Color Filters.

5. Move the Color Filters toggle switch to the ON position and let the fun begin!

Now in order to adjust the color tone of the display, tap on the on-screen option that is labeled 'Color Tint.' Once you do, you'll be presented with new customizable options, namely Hue and Intensity. The Hue slider defines the color tone while the Intensity slider will adjust the saturation of the color on the display. Obviously, you might want to keep the Intensity slider below the 50% mark otherwise your display will look like a night club with text being barely readable and such. But hey, if you want to take that route, who are we to stop you, right?

Wrap Up

There are iOS devices out there that might exhibit a yellowish screen tone out of the box. The above feature can be easily used to get rid of that tone and bring things back to normal. Furthermore, if you want the 'Night Shift' effect to stay with you 24 hours, then Color Filters is the way to go.

Let us know in the comments section what you think about this feature addition.

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